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The PSM Report

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PSM Report

Weekly Blog

We also publish a weekly blog to do with the design, operation and safety of process facilities. The posts are listed chronologically and by category. Some of the latest posts are shown below.

Blinds in Process Piping

Blinds in Process PipingBlinds—also known as blanks or spades—provide positive isolation between sections of a process. Guidance is provided to do with the location, installation, and use of blinds.

Prevention of Line Pluggage

Prevention of Line PluggageProcess lines, piping and valves frequently become plugged. Various techniques for avoiding the formation of pluggage and for removing pluggages safely are discussed in this section.

If line pluggage is a recurring problem it is best to try and identify ways in which the problem can be prevented from occurring. If that solution is not possible then valves, drains, tees and connections should be designed so that it is possible to remove the pluggage safely and with minimum time and expense.

Book: Plant Design and Operations

Book: Plant Design and OperationsPlant Design and Operations is an "8 a.m. on Monday morning" practical guide for those working in the process industries. It is scheduled for release in October 2014.
The book has 17 chapters and approximately 350 pages.


1. Operations
2. Maintenance and Inspection
3. Energy Control Procedures
4. Occupational Safety
5. Chemicals
6. Personal Protective Equipment
7. Health and Industrial Hygiene
8. Human Factors and Ergonomics
9. Firefighting
10. Safety in Design
11. Siting and Layout
12. Equipment
13. Piping and Valves
14. Safety Instrumentation
15. Transportation
16. Security
17. Common Hazards

Further information is provided here (Table of Contents in pdf format).

Please visit the Elsevier page for ordering information and to learn about the ebook and single chapter versions.

Book: Offshore Safety Management (2nd Edition)

Book: Offshore Safety ManagementThe 2nd edition off Offshore Safety Management provides a comprehensive description of how safety can be managed in the offshore oil and gas industries. It also provides extensive detail on Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS), API's RP 75 Safety and Environmental Program (SEMP) and Safety Cases.

The book has 9 chapters and 352 pages.


1. Risk Management
2. Major Offshore Events
3. Safety Offshore
4. Regulations and StandardsEngineering Standards
5. Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS)
6. Contractors
7. Implementing SEMS
8. Safety Cases
9. Formal Safety Analysis

Further information is available here.

Please visit the Elsevier page for ordering information and to learn about ebook and single chapter versions.   

Book: Process Risk and Reliability Management

Book: Process Risk and Reliability Management Process Risk and Reliability Management is a comprehensive book that shows how to develop and manage a risk program in the process industries.

The Process Safety Management (PSM) and the Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) rules are covered in detail.

The book has 16 chapters and 856 pages.


1.  Operational Integrity Management 
2.  Culture and Employee Involvement
3.  Hazards Identification
4.  Consequence and Likelihood Analysis
5.  Technical Information and Industry Standards
6.  Asset Integrity
7.  Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis 
8.  Operations, Maintenance and Safety
9.  Operating Procedures
10. Training and Competence
11. Emergency Management
12. Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis 
13. Management of Change
14. Audits and Assessments
15. Process Safety Management Compliance 
16. Managing a Risk and Reliability Program

Further information to do with the book's contents is available here.

Please visit the Elsevier page for ordering information and to learn about ebook and single chapter versions.

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