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Welcome to Sutton Technical Books. We provide books, ebooks and checklists for managers, engineers and executives in the process and energy industries. If you would like to be on our mailing list please enter your email in the SafeSubscribe box below.

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The PSM Report

We publish a letter that discusses events and information of interest to the process safety world. If you are not on our distribution and would like to receive this letter by email please register using the "Join Our EMail List" link at the top of this page.

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PSM Report


We also publish a series of blog posts to do with the design, operation and safety of process and energy facilities. Some of the latest posts are shown below.

Currently we have a total of five blogs, each of which provides information and guidance based on one of the books that we have published or that we plan on publishing. The blogs titles are shown below. Links to the pertinent blog are provided, along with links to the page for that book at this web site.

Contractors in the Process Industries

We have prepared a three-part series of video posts to do with contractors and their role in the process industries. The series is organized as follows:

  1. The first post discusses the role of contractors in the process industries and shows how they are taking on an ever increasing proportion of the work and so are increasingly responsible for safety performance. The narrative text for the video is available here.
  2. The second post provides some thoughts to do with the regulations and standards to do with contractors and their management.
  3. The final post describes the interface between contract companies and the operating company that hires them. The role of bridging documents is discussed.
Operator Contractor Process Safety

Prestrartup Reviews

This video post discusses the important, yet frequently misunderstood, topic of Prestartup Reviews, also known as Pre Startup Safety Reviews.

The video is organized into the following sections.

• Introduction
• What the Review Is Not
• Regulations
• Types of Review
• Restart Reviews
• Organizational Responsibility
• Elements of Process Safety Management

Prestartup Review


This is a post in our blog to do with the Age of Limits. In the post we describe how the Chinese authorities shut down most of the heavy industry around Beijing before and during the International APEC Conference being hosted in that city in December 2014. The before and after pictures are shown below.

We use this example to illustrate the topic of externalities — the costs that are created by many human activities that are not charged directly to that activity but that are dumped on human society as a whole. The pollution generated by industry and cars is just one example of an externality.

In order to resolved problems to do with externalities systems thinking is required. It is suggested that this is something that process safety professionals tend to be good at.

Engineering in an Age of Limits
Engineering in an Age of Limits

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