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We publish blogs to complement our books, ebooks and videos. They are listed here — we encourage you to respond to what we have written and to add your own thoughts and opinions.

They have been collected into four main topic areas, corresponding to our book titles. They are published at our WordPress sites.

Process Risk and Reliability Management

Book: Process Risk and Reliability Management

The first blog consists of posts that relate to our book Process Risk and Reliability ManagementSome of the posts are listed below.

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Offshore Safety Management  

offshore safety management

The second blog provides discussions to do with the contents of the book Offshore Safety Management. Some of the titles are shown below.

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Plant Design and Operations

book plant design operations

Posts in the third blog are to do with the topics discussed in Plant Design and Operations. Once more, current posts are listed below.

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Engineering in an Age of Limits 

Book: Engineering in an Age of LimitsThis book is still in preparation. However we have written a large number of blog posts on the topic of what we refer to as “The Age of Limits”. They are listed below.
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Peak Forests
  • The Mechanical World View
  • Four Strands
  • A Journey Part 1 — Twilight
  • A Journey Part 2 — Hubbert
  • A Journey Part 3 — A Predicament
  • A Journey Part 4 — Inconvenient Truths
  • A Journey Part 5 — Bankable Projects
  • Denying Blackbeard Part 1
  • Denying Blackbeard Part 2
  • If wishes were horses . . .
  • Renaissance Man and Climate Change
  • Sister, Mother Earth
  • The Future Has No Narrative
  • Greek Gifts
  • The Red Queen Dilemma
  • Solving the Wrong Problem
  • Bright Green Denial

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