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The PSM Report

Every month or so we publish a letter that discusses events and information of interest to the process safety world. If you are not on our distribution and would like to receive this letter by email please register using the "Join Our EMail List" link at the top of this page.

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PSM Report

Weekly Blog

We also publish a weekly blog to do with the design, operation and safety of process facilities. Some of the latest posts are shown below.

Jack of all Trades

In Jack of All Trades we suggest that engineers and safety professionals possess skills and education that will be very useful if times of change. These include:

1. Systems thinking
2. Handling uncertainty
3. Physics, not Economics
4. Integrity of language
5. Numeracy


We Hope It Rains

This post discuss the topic of denial — why people choose not to respond to looming crises. The post then suggests that engineers and safety professionals are in a good position to organize and validate the facts behind the discussions.


Pop Quiz

This post uses the example of an oil refinery to show how many professions make their income by offering a wide variety of services to the relatively small number of people who actually make the product in question (in this case, refined oil products). The post then goes on to discuss the effect of ever-increasing complexity on engineering and industrial safety.


Thinking the Unthinkable

The title of this post is taken from a phrase I have often used when leading hazard analysis studies such as HAZOPs. Often one of the leader’s biggest challenges is to get the team members to accept that serious events can happen,  i.e., to get them to “think the unthinkable”. PSM Report

Nine Pounds of Gold

By using the example of gold that is dissolved in the sea this post shows that, with regard to natural resources such as oil, what matters is not the absolute quantity, but the economic rate at which that resource can be extracted from the ground. PSM Report

The Newness of Safety

We have started a new blog series entitled “Industrial Safety in an Age of Limits”. The first post in this series — The Newness of Safety — makes the following points: PSM Report

1. In our industrial world safety is seen as a value. However this perception developed only in the early 19th century as the Industrial Revolution was gaining traction. Safety is not a goal that has always been sought after — it is a cultural artifact.

2. Safety became economically viable at that time.

3. As we enter an Age of Limits there is a possibility that safety will cease to hold the high priority that it does now. This is the challenge that industry professionals need to ready for.

Book: Process Risk and Reliability Management

Book: Process Risk and Reliability Management The 2nd edition of this large, thorough and comprehensive book has been published. It includes new chapters and much new material. Details are available here.

The book has 20 chapters and 770 pages.


1.   Risk Management 
2.   Compliance and Standards
3.   Culture and Participation
4.   Technical Information
.   Hazard Identification
6.   Operating Procedures
7.   Training and Competence
8.   Prestartup Reviews
9.   Asset Integrity
10. Management of Change
11. Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis 
12. Emergency Management
13. Audits and Assessments
14. Consequence Analysis
15. Frequency Analysis 
16. Reliability, Availailability and Maintainability
17. Managing a Risk and Reliability Program
18. Project Management
19. Contractors
20. The Risk Management Professional


Please visit the Elsevier page for ordering information and to learn about ebook and single chapter versions.

Book: Plant Design and Operations

Book: Plant Design and OperationsPlant Design and Operations is an "8 a.m. on Monday morning" practical guide for those working in the process industries. It is scheduled for release in October 2014.
The book has 17 chapters and approximately 350 pages.


1. Operations
2. Maintenance and Inspection
3. Energy Control Procedures
4. Occupational Safety
5. Chemicals
6. Personal Protective Equipment
7. Health and Industrial Hygiene
8. Human Factors and Ergonomics
9. Firefighting
10. Safety in Design
11. Siting and Layout
12. Equipment
13. Piping and Valves
14. Safety Instrumentation
15. Transportation
16. Security
17. Common Hazards

Further information is provided here (Table of Contents in pdf format).

Please visit the Elsevier page for ordering information and to learn about the ebook and single chapter versions.

Book: Offshore Safety Management (2nd Edition)

Book: Offshore Safety ManagementThe 2nd edition off Offshore Safety Management provides a comprehensive description of how safety can be managed in the offshore oil and gas industries. It also provides extensive detail on Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS), API's RP 75 Safety and Environmental Program (SEMP) and Safety Cases.

The book has 9 chapters and 352 pages.


1. Risk Management
2. Major Offshore Events
3. Safety Offshore
4. Regulations and StandardsEngineering Standards
5. Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS)
6. Contractors
7. Implementing SEMS
8. Safety Cases
9. Formal Safety Analysis

Further information is available here.

Please visit the Elsevier page for ordering information and to learn about ebook and single chapter versions.   

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